Peyton the Boxer Mix Gets A New Lease on Life

July 3, 2012

When boxer mix, Peyton, was eight years old, she suddenly started having seizures, much to the distress of her family. According to Dogster, she experienced two in one day then many more once her family rushed her to the veterinarian’s office. After examining Peyton, the vet told Rob and Renee Henderson that their best bet would be to take Peyton to Purdue University where Peyton could be seen at the veterinarian teaching hospital. She seemed to think that something was going on in Peyton’s brain.

Once there, an MRI was done on the pup and the Hendersons got bad news. Apparently Peyton had a fatal brain tumor that gave her one more month of life. Surgery was an option, but it didn’t guarantee her safey and of course, the family was overwhelmed with grief.

Yet, this story looks up!

One day after receiving her prognosis the Hendersons got a call from the veterinary neurosurgeon at Purdue, Dr. Timothy Bentley. He was performing clinical trials to study canine brain tumors and wanted to know if Peyton could take part. Dr. Bentley would to use her glioma tumor to create a vaccine that could prevent it, as well as perform the surgery to remove the tumor. All of this would be free for the family.

Source: Jon L. Hendricks for The Times 

The Hendersons agreed and now, though Peyton lost sight in one eye, their beloved dog isn’t having seizures anymore and Dr. Bentley deems the procedure a total success.

As Dogster notes, the trials are not yet conclusive, but it’s clear that Peyton’s participation will help in getting there and ultimately help dogs with brain tumors as well as humans.

Source: Jon L. Hendricks for The Times 

We’re so happy for this family who gets to spend more time with their furry family member.

Source: Info via Dogster, Images by Jon L. Hendricks for The Times 

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