• We all know that our dogs are smart, and it’s no surprise that they’re considered part of the family, but there is so much that we don’t know about them. While the science of dogs is not a widespread one,… » Read More

  • Benji is, by far, the grooviest dog of the 70’s. Grossing nearly $40 million dollars after it’s release in 1974, Benji is one of the most successful dog movies of its era, and considered a classic in the genre. The… » Read More

  • Picking a pet store is no day at the park. There is a lot to think about. You want the best for your little New Yorker and the best for New York itself. If you are looking for a help… » Read More

  • Smarter Than Your Dog: I’ve always had a deep appreciation for service dogs. They’re amazing–not only do they provide companionship to those who need it most, they freakin’ save lives on the regular. Smarter Than Your Dog had an… » Read More

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