science of dogs

  • Dogs bring us many things including laughter, kisses, cuddles, headaches, joy, frustration and a slew of other feelings. While they seem to be there for us emotionally and can make us feel better when we’re down, according to the Huffington… » Read More

  •   As music-loving humans, we often project our own tastes onto our dogs, making them listen to endless hours of our favorite album and assuming they either like it or don’t. However, recent studies done on the relationship between dogs… » Read More

  •   Last week we wrote about a documentary called Dogs Decoded, which explored the relationship between genetics and the domestication of dogs. There is a really interesting segment of this film that touches on taming silver foxes to make them… » Read More

  •   We all know that our dogs are smart, and it’s no surprise that they’re considered part of the family, but there is so much that we don’t know about them. While the science of dogs is not a widespread… » Read More

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