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  • As you’re probably aware, this weekend is Father’s Day! Lots of dads out there will get presents, hugs and cards from their loved ones, but we say, what about the dog dads? Some men have furry children who are loved… » Read More

  • We’re T minus two days from Easter Sunday and well, it wasn’t hard to think of a funny theme for today’s post. Obviously, dogs dressed up in Easter garb, surrounded by festive Easter holiday decorations, with lots of pastels and… » Read More

  • It’s Friday, so we’re ready for some pre-weekend fun and after stumbling upon a video of First Dog, Bo Obama, video-bombing a reporter’s segment, we thought, there must be other hilarious dogs out there who get a kick out of… » Read More

  • Today is a day that happens once every four years. It’s February 29th, making this year, leap year. Dogs everywhere are jumping for joy! Okay, so they may not really understand the whole calendar thing, but to celebrate, we gathered… » Read More

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