Lots of Dogs A-Leapin’ For Leap Year!

February 29, 2012

Today is a day that happens once every four years. It’s February 29th, making this year, leap year. Dogs everywhere are jumping for joy! Okay, so they may not really understand the whole calendar thing, but to celebrate, we gathered up some funny pictures and videos of dogs leaping in the air, into the water, on a trampoline and basically doing their darndest to get some air (nyc dog walking).

Dogs Leaping

It’s amazing how high some of these pooches can leap and how cute those who lack the jumping gene are when trying (check out the Corgi flop video).

Tell us, does your dog leap or prefer to stay grounded?











Which of the above is your favorite leaping pooch?
Happy Leap Year!


Main image: thememoircoach.com, White dog with tongue: desktopnexus.com, French bulldog: cute-overload.blogspot.com, Snow dog jumping: wtfhub.com, Dreadlock dog: globworld.com, Bridge dog: hookedinamsterdam.wordpress.com, Crazy dogs: imageshumor.com

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