Warby Barker: The Best April Fool’s Joke on the Web

April 2, 2012

How was everyone’s April Fool’s Day? Last week, we gave you a roundup of fun dog-related April Fool’s videos and this week, we just have to recap one of the internet’s best pranks. Warby Parker – an affordable, stylish and environmentally-friendly eyewear brand – pulled one over on the world by turning their site into Warby Barker, a shopping haven for dogs in need of eyeglasses. Their “story” talks about a hatred for seeing adorable dogs in ugly glasses and how they, through their limited-edition Canine Collection, set out to change that (dog walking New York).

Warby Parker Glasses

Watch Warby Barker’s video featuring the Co-Founder, Neil Blumenthal and Poodle in Chief, amongst others, as they discuss their purpose:


The site also poses the question: What makes a dog more miserable than chocolate, rainy days, and flea collars—combined? The answer? Lame Glasses. There’s an entire FAQ page addressing the important questions a shopper may have about purchasing dog glasses. Here are a few:
Q: Can my dog ride in the car with his head out the window while wearing Warby Barker glasses?
A: Yes. Each pair is constructed from exceptionally durable materials.
Q: The dog ate my homework.
A: Sorry, no extensions. (Are you feeding your dog enough?)
The highlights of the site for us, of course, are all the images of dog models donning the stylish Warby Barker shades and specs. One pug is even rocking a monocle or rather, dogocle (see main image). If you click the “Buy now” button (which we did, just for fun) this message pops up:


We got a kick out of this awesome compilation of dogginess and we love that Warby Parker took the time to play this prank. Check out the best part: dog eyewear on incredibly adorable faces.











Warby Barker is still up and running so check it out at www.warbybarker.com.

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