Hilarious Underwater Dog Photos by Seth Casteel

February 24, 2012

They’ve been spreading like wildfire, getting shared like crazy – the Little Friends Photo Facebook page went from a few thousand to over 70,000 likes in a few days. They’re taking over…they are underwater dogs!

Underwater Dog Photos

Photographer, Seth Casteel, is a lifestyle photographer who has captured dogs in a way that nobody else has. Apparently our pups look adorable on the surface, unassuming, eager to play, but when they hit the pool they morph into something else!

Some look like ferocious man-eaters, some appear highly perplexed, while others looks like prehistoric mammals. There’s really no end to the hilarity (nyc dog walker).







Buy prints or just peruse more underwater doggies at http://www.littlefriendsphoto.com/

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