April Fool’s Day Pranks and Pooches

March 30, 2012

Happy Friday! We hope you all have a truly great weekend and especially enjoy your Sunday, which happens to be April 1st and April Fool’s Day. Sometimes known as All Fool’s Day, this un-official worldwide holiday is celebrated in different ways country-to-country. In France and Italy, for example, pranksters try to stick paper fish on each others’ backs and then yell, “April fish!” Here, in America, we obviously try to pull pranks of all different types on each other, some more sophisticated than others. It seems we love April Fool’s Day so much that we’ve gotten our dogs involved. Sometimes they’re helping us prank someone, sometimes they’re getting pranked, but either way, it’s funny! Here are some chuckle-worthy videos for your viewing pleasure to amp you up for this weekend (dog walker service).

April Fools Dog

This guy hides from his pup in an indeterminable blanket lump on the floor only to surprise him!


These poor pups are fooled by the tried and true saran wrap door.


Here humans and dogs unite to create this light-hearted video prank.


IKEA has a sense of humor and so do the dogs in the doggy high chair.


This dog is helping his mom prank his sleepy dad.


People on the streets are fooled by this driving dog.


Watch out behind you when about to sit down, if you’ve got a dog like this one.


Do you plan to pull any pranks on your friends, family or pooch?

Source: Main image via jokearoo.com

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