TV Show To Watch: Too Cute! Puppies

March 29, 2012

We’re never not looking for more dog content to consume and thankfully there’s plenty of it out there. We recommend checking out a show on Animal Planet, currently in a new season, called Too Cute! Puppies. You can probably guess what the show is all about based on the title alone, but we’ll elaborate. Similar to the movie Babies, each episode of the show follows three puppy litters from their first steps through three months of their puppyhood (dog walking services nyc). In these fun mini-documentaries you’ll learn interesting facts about the dog development, dog parenting and more, all while enduring painful cuteness. Can you handle it? They’ve got breeds such as Rhodesian ridgebacks, pugs, rottweilers and so many more. Did we mention they’re all overwhelming adorable?  The show airs on Saturday nights at 9pm but you can watch clips and see pictures on the Animal Planet website. Here are some of the show’s highlights:

Puppies Tv Show

Rhodesian ridgebacks explore outside for the first time, though they don’t get very far from the warm blanket.

Watch some tiny Havanese pups romp through the yard while bothering their mom for some attention.

It’s bath time for these pug puppies (pictured above) but one tries to hide from the impending licks from his mother.

Here are rottweilers having a good wrestle with lots of little growls and nips. Later they have some fun with a human boy, who enjoys hugging each of them. Who can blame him?

Too cute, right?

Sources: images, videos and info via Animal Planet

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