For Michael Bastian, Fashion Week was for the dogs

February 22, 2012

Fashion Week Show For Dogs: This season at New York Fashion Week, trends were born, celebrities lined the front rows, stylists ran to and fro and fall collections walked themselves down the runways and back. Yet, there was no model more adorable than a wee little French Bulldog seen at Michael Bastian’s Fall 2012 show wearing a tres chic jacket.

Fashion Week Show For Dogs

It seems this year, Michael Bastian gave a shout-out to those who love canines and preppy menswear equally. He featured an extra long pooch on a wrap-around scarf and two sweaters with another French Bulldog and Dachshund posing adorably on the front. When you can’t take your real pup with you, maybe a sweater will suffice?

Here are closeups of the doggy-influenced looks:


This pooch is hiding his nose delicately. Perhaps he’s a bit shy in front of all the onlookers (dog walkers in nyc).


This guy is sittin’ pretty like it’s no big deal.


Our dachshund friend seems confused here.

Michael Bastian’s clothes are available in New York City at Barney’s New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey, Saks and SCOOP stores so go snag yourself an embroidered canine companion.

Sources: Main image via NY Mag, bottom three images via Michael Bastian

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