Wedding Bells and Wedding Dogs

March 2, 2012

According to Brides Magazine, in 2011, 5% of American weddings included a pet as a member of the wedding party and even more were there during the ceremony and reception. We love that for multiple reasons, but mostly because seeing a dog in formal attire is probably the cutest thing ever. Those who don’t have a pup of their own might scoff at this idea calling us dog lovers crazy, but we know better. Obviously our pets are part of our family and isn’t a wedding an occasion to share…with our family?

Wedding With Dogs

Recently, the New York Times published an article addressing this exact issue and shared numerous couples (like the three directly below) who featured their furry family members in their weddings.




Interestingly the article even mentions a company dedicated solely to running weddings and including pets. The Wedding Dog, a Portland, Oregon based company gets pets, dogs, pigs and even goats, ready for the big day. We guess this makes sense since it’s often difficult to control the behavior of a dog in a new, potentially high-energy situation. Steven May, watched his German Shepherd begin to relieve himself halfway down the aisle according to the Times article. Not cool!
Regardless of the potential mishaps, we love the idea of wedding dogs and so we compiled some images of celebrities with their pooches on the big day, regular dog-loving folk celebrating and just plain irresistible canines in formalwear. We couldn’t help ourselves (dog walking nyc.

Irresistible, right? Would you, or have you already, shared your wedding day with your dog?

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