Thanksgiving Dinner Goes to the Dogs at Best Fiends Pet Care

November 30, 2011

A very patient Henry waits to eat but his eager ears flop right onto his plate while Eloise dives face first into her meal. This is no ordinary dinner. This thanksgiving dinner is going to the dogs. More specifically dogs being boarded at Best Friends pet care this thanksgiving. This is the fifth year that each of Best Fiends 42 locations have hosted a thanksgiving feast for the pups in their care. On the menu this year is freshly roasted slices of turkey on top of turkey-and-rice dog food, trimmed with green beans and carrots, and a sweet potato biscuit for dessert. These dogs aren’t the only one who will be enjoying an extra special feast Each Best Friends location donates holiday meals to a local animal shelter so that homeless pets can have the chance to enjoy a special treat, too ( dog walker service).

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