Can the Bulldog be Saved?

November 30, 2011

can the bulldog be saved

Can The Bulldog Be Saved

Can The Bulldog Be Saved: It’s hard to resist a bulldog with big beaming eyes, an adorable squashed face and an ear to ear grin but those lovable little pups maybe in more trouble than we realized. Pure breed bulldogs are likely to have a whole slew of medical problems throughout their lives from breeding anthropomorphic characteristics we love and kennel clubs require. The British Kennel Club has changed its bulldog and many bulldog enthusiasts swear that their squat little pals are very happy but what can really be said about a breed that can’t procreate and sometimes can’t eat with out help? Bulldog lovers, bulldog breeders, veterinary specialists, and animal rights activists weigh in on whether we can save the bulldog or not.

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For more information please visit: Bulldog Showdown

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