Cloning Your Dog Is Possible In South Korea

March 7, 2012

Remember Dolly, the sheep that was successfully cloned in 1996? While she took the world by storm, it got many thinking we were closer to the possibility of cloning just about anything including humans, wooly mammoths or even…wait for it…dogs.

Dog Cloning In South Korea

While we’ve yet to clone a person, getting your dog cloned is now a possibility at the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea. If you have $100,000 to spend, that is.

Wolfie’s clones

According to, Peter Ohruang had such a connection with his dog, Wolfie, that he decided to go ahead and clone her. In fact, he made a ten year plan to earn enough money to do so and now he has two versions of his beloved original.
Here’s a video of Wolfie’s clones on their first day home:

In order to successfully dog cloning in south korea, the scientists collect a fresh egg and replace the nucleus with a cell from the original pet. Once a piece of the original, living dog is injected into an egg, it is placed in the surrogate mother. People who pay for this get not one dog, but two identical twins.
Obviously, cloning is a hugely controversial issue. Some say that with all the dogs in shelters this is wasteful while proponents think $100,000 is worth getting their favorite pet back (dog walking services nyc).
What do you think?
Watch the whole news story here!


Main image via Sooam, Wolfe image and info via

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