10 Dog-Friendly Hotels in New York City

March 6, 2012

Whether you’re looking to take a trip to New York City, you live here or you just want to impart some advice on those who may be visiting, it’s always good to know hotels. More specifically, it can’t hurt to know the ins and outs of dog-friendly lodgings that will not only tolerate your pet, but in some cases pamper her. That’s why we took a moment to compile a list of 10 New York City Hotels that will show your pup what New York City living and luxury is like.

Dog-Friendly Hotels In New York City

1. Le Parker Meridien: This hotel, located on 56th street near all the upscale shopping and dining, will accommodate all pets.

2. Loews Regency: This hotel will spoil your dog rotten. Your pet can get sleep mats, a special menu and can basically spend the vacation at the doggy spa. With grooming, walking and even a program called “Loews Love Pets,” it seems you can’t go wrong here.

3. Peninsula Hotel: Do staff dog-walkers, a pet food menu and in-room toys sounds like a great vacation for Fido? We think so. Dogs even get a welcome biscuit at this place.

4. Hotel Pennsylvania: This wonderful oasis is the prime spot for all Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show contestants. Here you can bring two dogs with you with  no weight restrictions.

5. Starwood Hotels: Being trendy is not just for humans. If you want to stay at any Sheraton, Westin or W Hotel in NYC, your dog will get a chance to be hip. The dog amenities include turndown treats, temporary ID tags with hotel information, bowls, beds, collars and more. You will pay a little extra, however, with the rates $25 more a night with a pet, plus a $100 cleaning fee.

6. Jumeirah Essex House: Located on Central Park, the iconic Essex House has a “Canine Turndown Program” as well as a doggy boutique and other five-star amenities. Sounds like your pooch may be living better than you here!

7. The Benjamin: Your pup will be seeing Benjamins in his eyes when he spends time here. This hotel has a “Dream Dog” program complete with a bathrobe, room service, dog beds, spa treatments and even a meeting with a pet psychic.

8. Ritz Carlton Central Park: It’s no surprise that this lavish hotel would have a “Doggy and Me” weekend package that includes photography and the ability to join the “Very Important Pooch” program. This includes access to gold-plated ID tags, home-baked doggy treats, rainproof trench coats and more. Even if you have to return some of it at the end of the weekend, your pooch will leave feeling like a King or Queen.

9. Tribeca Grand: Here, for no extra fee, you can request your room be set up with all your pet may need like food, bowls, a bed and more. You can set up walks, spa treatments and order off the room service menu made specifically for your pup.

10. Affinia Hotels: If you want to stay at the Affinia Dumont, Affinia 50 or any of the other Affinia properties, your dog will be welcomed with gourmet treats, food and water bowls, and lots of info about what he or she may want to do on vacation (nyc dog walking).

Apparently New York City is home to a world of animal luxuries that rival our human ones. If you’ve stayed at any of these with your dog, we’d love to hear first-hand experiences!


Main image via today.msnbc.msn.com, hotel pictures from hotel websites, info via nyc.com

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