10 Fun and Functional Park Toys For Spring and Summer

March 14, 2012

It’s getting warmer here in New York City with the temperatures expected to near 70 degrees this week! This means one thing, much to the delight of our dogs: more park time. While a stroll in Central Park, Prospect Park or another grassy knoll is nice, isn’t it a lot more fun to bring toys? We know your pup is nodding his or her head in agreement right now. So, we have a list for you! Here are 10 awesomely fun, occasionally funny and definitely functional toys that you should not forget when packing for the park (dog walker).

Dog Park Toys

In no particular order:
1. Chuckit Ball Launchers
When just walking your dog around wont do, this is a great way to get the ball flying far and high, giving your pooch a much better workout.


2. Aspen Soft Bite Floppy Disc
This softer alternative to a plastic Frisbee will flop and float in the air while providing your dog with great exercise. Also, it folds up and can fit in your pocket which makes it super convenient.


3. Hyper Pet Flying Duck
This thing acts like a slingshot and flies through the air. If your pooch is into chasing birds, this might just be what keeps him active at the park!


4. Moody Pet Humonga Stache
This genius toy is a ball and a mustache built into one. Your pup will be the park clown and impress all the other dogs with his sense of humor.


5. Petco Fetch Stick Dog Treat Holder 
If your dog is as obsessed with sticks as most, this fun solution to the game of fetch will prevent her from eating a real life stick and give her rewards for retrieval with treats stored inside.


6. Best Ball

With tough chewers, this virtually indestructible ball is a great park friend. It comes in varying sizes, so whether you want your dog to play some nose-volleyball or get their whole mouth around this toy, there’s a Best Ball for you. You can even put sand or water inside it for some wobbly fun.


7. HyperDog Ball Launcher 

This four ball launcher can shoot up to 200 feet giving your dog major incentive to run. You wont worry about slime or dirt with the hands-free pickup and you wont tire out your arm either.


8. KONG Air Squeaker Spinner

For the tennis ball obsessed doggies, this adds a squeak and the element of surprise as it never bounces in the same direction twice!


9. PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball 

This ball babbles when it’s played with much to delight of dogs. While you’ll be guaranteed to get sick of this before your dog does, we think it can still make a fun park toy for lying on a blanket or even tossing and retrieving.


10. Hydro Bone 
Inside this blue bone is a foam core that can absorb liquids and help keep your dog hydrated at the park. When a dog chews it, out comes some delicious water! You can also freeze it for extra cold fun on an especially hot day.



Enjoy the weather!

Source: Main image via honeymoons.about.com

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