Dog Paintings Galore At NYC’s William Secord Gallery

March 9, 2012

Dog Art Gallery New York: If you’re into art and dogs and want to indulge in your love of both at the same time, why not check out some dog portraits? The William Secord Gallery, located on 76th street in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is the place to do it. The gallery, which specializes in fine 19th Century dog paintings, not only shows antique work, but contemporary art as well, and is the only gallery in the nation exclusively dedicated to dog art.

Dog Art Gallery New York

According the Associated Press, recent high auction prices – and we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars — and the fact that Secord has noticed an increase in visitors and sales this year, speaks to the increasing popularity of dog art, and we get it! Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous portrait of a pooch hanging on the wall? Here’s a crazy fact: The most expensive dog painting ever sold was a 6-by-7-portrait of a Newfoundland and it went for $3.5 million!

Right now the Secord Gallery is showing the Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Collection, which includes over 150 pieces of dogs and animals. Geraldine was huge in the purebred Dog Art Gallery New York world having founded multiple kennel clubs and bred various types of dog. Needless to say, she had a huge collection of art dedicated to her passion, which is now publicly available.
You can also see 19th and 20th Century paintings depicting over 100 breeds of dog as well as pieces by living artists and their contemporary work (dog walking services nyc).
Here are a handful of paintings, but you should definitely check out the rest in person. We think this would make a great day trip or group activity!



Christine Merrill, Contemporary



Charlotte Sorre, Contemporary



Bruce Padgett, Contemporary



Noel Charles, 19th C.



Edwin Megargee, 19th C.



Reuben Ward Binks, 19th C.


Sources: Info and main image via Associated Press, Gallery info and images via William Secord Gallery

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