10 Rainy Day Dog Products For Dry and Happy Pups (and People)

March 28, 2012

It’s almost April, and you know what they say about April: it brings showers. These showers supposedly bring May flowers, but they also bring wet doggies who shake off in your home, trample in mud and bring the rain indoors. In honor of this sure-to-be-rainy month, we compiled ten pieces of rain gear, some that are 100% functional and some that are just 100% fun, and maybe completely superfluous. Keep your pup dry or help entertain those that refuse to step foot into the rain.

Rainy Day Dogs

Dog Umbrella
This hilarious umbrella may work for some dogs, like tiny ones that are perfectly leash trained, but for the most part we think it might just be a fun, semi-effective conversation starter.


Subway Print Raincoat
Keeping dry is one thing, but keeping dry in true New York City style by repping the subway map, is on another level of cool. It has a hood and an outside pocket useful for holding things and even folding back up into itself.


ABO Gear Outback Hound Portable Hut
Going somewhere with Fido but the forecast is looking bleak? Maybe a park trip or someone’s back yard? Bring this portable hut, great for safe and sound hiding from the rain.


Guardian Gear Vinyl Dog Rain Jacket
For the less flashy hound, try a solid color raincoat with reflective strip for when the clouds overhead darken the sky. Complete with little hood, this will be highly functional and cute to boot.


PAWZ Dog Booties
Little and big paws alike are shivering and soggy all around the city, but prevent mud tracking in and chilly feet by slipping on these biodegradable booties. They come in every pooch’s favorite color, whatever that may be, and look pretty adorable.


Waggin’ Wear Sunny Yellow Rain Hat
For your recently groomed pooch who hates when her hair gets messed up, this cotton, water-resistant hat with holes for perky ears will do the trick. If your dog will actually allow this on his or her head, there will surely be some cooing from everyone on the street.


This genius wet dog solution prevents those hurricane-inducing shakes by furry wet dogs after a walk in the rain. Wrap it around your dog, like a dog shirt and the Microfiber technology draws water away from the coat more effectively than towels while adding a layer between your pooch and the clean, dry couch (nyc dog walker).


Interactive Puzzle Pizza Dog Toy
If you’re the parent of an anti-water pup, you can drag the poor guy on a leash into the elements or just give in and help him be entertained inside. Check out mind-challenging toys like this one, in which you can hide treats and watch as your dog slides the pieces back and forth to find them.


Petego Rear Car Seat Pet Protector
For car owners, a trip to the rainy park can end in a trip to the car wash. By protecting your car seats from the hazards of a smelly, wet dog you can totally avoid this.


Waterproof Dog Collar and Leash
No more hanging up a dog collar or leash to dry after a rainy walk. Instead snag the waterproof versions, like this fun set, and avoid the soggy aftermath of a downpour.


Enjoy the rain!

Sources: Main image via funnydogsite.com

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