Teeny Tiny Dog Named Beyonce Is the Ultimate Survivor

March 27, 2012

She’s been all over the news, she was celebrated on National Puppy Day and she is, well, completely adorable. Her name is Beyonce and we’re not talking about the famous singer. Instead this Beyonce is a tiny puppy who, against all odds, is still alive and well. It starts with the hardship of her mother, Casey, who was abandoned and had to live on the streets of California before being picked up by the local animal control. They decided to abort her puppies, but a veterinarian found the pregnancy too far along. Sadly, Casey and her pups were scheduled for euthanasia, but the Grace Foundation came to her rescue. Thank goodness!

Beyonce Smallest Dog

Casey was carrying five puppies, one that was abnormally small, and this tiny pup was not given a good prognosis. When the birthday came around, the little dog was not breathing, nor was her heart working.
This story turns around here.
The delivering Dr. Michael Russell did chest compressions and Beth DeCaprio, Executive Director at the Grace Foundation, did mouth-to-mouth, and miraculously, once again the tiniest doggy that could, beat the odds. She was named Beyonce after the singer and the well-know song “Survivor.” Today she is completely healthy, just much smaller than her brothers and sisters (nyc dog walker).
Watch the video newscast via CBS News and see more pictures of the miniscule Beyonce below.





Beyonce and her whole family will be up for adoption in just over a month!

Sources: Images via sfgate.com and info via ABC News

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