Does Your Dog Need a Flu Shot?

November 30, 2011

Do Dogs Need Flu Shots?

Do Your Dogs Needs A Flu Shots?: Dog owners we do everything possible can to keep their dogs safe, from daily care to yearly vaccinations, but is there something missing. Thousands of dogs in thirty-eight states across the Unites States have come down with canine influenza in the last six years.  New York is one of the two most infected cities this year. Much like the human flu, this is a very mobile virus and people are one of the biggest transmitter.

When someone plays with an infected pup they get covered in the flu and are at risk of spreading it to their own dog. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends dogs that have a lot of contact with other canines get the vaccination (dog walking New York).

For more information please visit: Flu Shot for Dogs

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