For Lazy Days: The Go-Go Dog Pals

May 16, 2012

So, we’re all for actually playing with your dog. You know, running around with him, throwing the ball, playing frisbee, going on a jog, etc. We are big proponents of staying fit right along with our pets but that’s not to say there aren’t occasional instances where it would be nice to get our dogs exercised and do nothing of the sort ourselves.

Go-Go Dog Pals

Though somewhat superfluous (and pretty expensive at $300), there is now a gadget that will come in handy when your arm is tired and you don’t feel like running. It’s called the Go-Go Dog Pals and it’s basically a gopher on wheels that can drive as fast as 22 miles an hour as you control it with a remote. Essentially it’s a remote controlled car with a cute face. Based on the fact that dogs love chasing moving creatures and object, the idea behind the gadget seems sounds (dog walkers in nyc). Watch this video as one panting pooch tries to catch the Go-Go Dog Pals:

Seems to be pretty effective for this pup! Let’s just hope she doesn’t get sick of it anytime soon.


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Source: Info and main image via Engadget, body images via Go-Go Dog Pals

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