Ginormous Dogs Not For Small Apartments

May 17, 2012

We came across this article on Buzzfeed, entitled “Huge Dogs You Can’t Fit In Your Apartment,” and we just had to share it. As New Yorkers, we hold a special appreciation for what it’s like to live in a small apartment with our dogs and deal with landlords who may or may not appreciated our canine companion, but imagine if your dog was the size of a pony? Though some apartment buildings have size rules — and these massive pups certainly do not meet the under 35-pound regulation — we’ve seen our share of Great Danes and Saint Bernards roaming the streets. Yet, the pooches in these pictures are particular ginormous either by genetic predisposition or by freak accident. Without further ado, just enjoy these photos and appreciate your dog, who may not be as portable as a dog in a purse, but is certainly easier to get around than these guys and gals.(dog walking services nyc)


Ginormous Dogs











How big is your pup?

Source: All images via Buzzfeed

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