St. Patrick’s Day Dog Festivity!

March 16, 2012

Tomorrow is a big day for the Irish and those who just like an excuse to have a party. It’s also a big day for dog owners to dress up their pooches in green, shamrocks and sparkles for St. Patrick’s Day! While not every dog is keen on getting covered in foreign green objects, some seem to accept their fate and even revel in it, while posing adorably for the camera. We love those latter pups and the laughs they give us, which is why we’ve roundup up 20 amazingly enjoyable photos of festive, green doggies (dog walkers in nyc).


Dogs St Patrick’s Day

A little Dachshund Leprechaun

Lean, green, doggy machine

Totally over being green…yawn!

Fuzzy green fringe is all the rage.

One of them is seeing green

Is that you, Mom? Dad?

We grew beards for the occasion!

Just got a dye job. You like?

All this festivity is exhausting. 

Just trottin’ along being cute. No big deal.

How do I look, darling?

I see more green dogs on the horizon!

This look means “Happy Shamrock Day.” Obviously.

How do you like my parade march?

Somebody’s hair is stealing the show.

His own festive beauty is blinding him.

Too cute for words.

A very posh pup’s St. Patty’s Day manicure

The rain doesn’t deter this guy from hamming it up!

Main image via Jen Choi Design

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