A Guide Dog for a Dog: The Story of Tanner and Blair

April 30, 2012

Guide dogs are an important part of many lives. They help those who are blind get around, they help those with disabilities function in society and they bring comfort to many in need. Pooches have a distinct ability to turn lives around and why should that only apply to humankind? Recently in Oklahoma, a golden retriever with a sad story showed how his very own guide dog changed his life.

A Guide Dog for a Dog

Tanner is two years old and his short life has not been easy. He was born blind and with a seizure disorder. After his owner passed away, Tanner was sent to Woodland West Animal Hospital due to the severity of his condition and the rescue group, Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue was unable to find him a home that could care for the poor guy around the clock.
Then there was Blair, a lab mix who was also brought to Woodland West Animal Hospital after being homeless and even shot. While she recovered, Blair became very timid and nervous and was difficult to find a home for.

When the two were put together, completely by accident, the magic happened. They were both exercising in the yard and Blair suddenly started to help Tanner get around. They displayed an instinctual, unbreakable bond almost immediately -A Guide Dog for a Dog. Now, Blair will even take Tanner’s leash and guide him around the yard. Since the two have met, Tanner’s seizures have drastically decreased and while he’s not free of them entirely, he doesn’t have them every single night. Blair, has come out of her shell and her anxiety has dropped (dog walker) .
Needless to say, the two have an amazing and unpredicted relationship and Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue organization is in charge of getting the two adopted together. This unique story is proof that dogs, who do so much for people, can even have the same effect on each other. Watch the whole story unfold in the below video:

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Source: ABC News

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