Drake Relays 33rd Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest

May 1, 2012


About a week ago, in Des Moines Iowa, an amazing thing occurred. It was the Drake Relays 33rd Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest. This event is held so that 50 gorgeous bulldogs can compete in costume, for the title. The pageant also kicks off the rest of the relay festivities at Drake University, where the bulldog is the mascot. Fitting kick off, we think!


This year, Tyson, a two-year-old, smush-faced pup, was the winner of the Beautiful Bulldog title. According to Tyson’s owner, he has a wonderful personality. We believe it! Tyson competed against the best, of course, some of which were dressed up as a nurse, a bride and a chef. The pageant had a Mr. Congeniality and Best Dressed award and Fletcher, who was dressed as a barbeque sandwich, took the latter.
After being crowned, Tyson sat upon his a throne and though he initially fell off of it, he recovered quickly and chomped down lots of doggie cake.
Here are some pictures of the lumbering bulldogs who competed. Enjoy!










Source: Pictures via kansascity.com, info via NYTimes

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