Baby, the French Bulldog, Adopts Wild Boar Piglets

April 16, 2012


“Baby adopts almost everything,” states CBS’s Erica Hill. Well, this time she adopted six little striped pigs, not much smaller than she is, and thinks they’re her own. Baby is an eight-year-old French bulldog, who tends to take a liking to animals brought into The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin. In this case she took to the wild boar piglets right away. They were three days old, shivering from being outside in the cold and Baby ran right up to them and started cuddling, according to Norbert Damm, a sanctuary worker.
Damm says that the piglets’ mother was probably killed by a hunter leaving the little boars all by themselves. Now, with Baby’s help, the pigs are growing well in the sanctuary and though they can’t be released into the wild, they will probably be set free at a nature preserve to live a happy life. We hope baby doesn’t miss them too much! In the past this “uber-mother” has adopted raccoons, cats and other animals in need of cuddles and love.
Here’s a video and pictures of this lovely story:




Source: images via Beaumont Enterprise, Info via CBS, video via ITN news

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