Heartwarming Tail: Pit Bull Saves Owner From Getting Hit By Train

May 10, 2012


David Lanteigne rescued a pit bull named Lilly from a shelter to be a companion to his mother, Christine Spain, who needed help recovering from alcoholism. This decision ultimately saved Spain’s life, because just last week she fell unconscious onto train tracks and Lilly, who is now eight years old, was there to save her. Right before the train came, Lilly dragged Spain from danger and saved her from harm. Unfortunately, Lilly was not so lucky. Though she lived through it, the conductor was not able to stop the train before it hit Lilly’s right foot, fractured her pelvis and caused other internal injuries.



Don’t worry! Lilly is now at an animal medical center recovering well, though she will need her front-limb amputated. Lanteigne has expressed his love and gratitude for Lilly, who he knows saved his mother’s life and has made Lilly’s health a top priority. Watch the below video to see Lilly in recovery:

Amazing, right? Lilly’s family is doing everything they can to help her recover but because the medical bills are so high, the center at which she is staying is collecting donations. We wish them all luck!

Source: Info and main image via NY Daily News

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