Could Your Dog Be The Next “Benji”?

June 25, 2012

Though Benji the dog, the star of various movies, was an idea that began 40 years ago, it still is very much remembered. Now, Benji will have another chance to charm children and adults alike, because Brandon Camp, the son of the original Benji creator Joe Camp, along with Mark Forbes, seasoned movie trainer, are on the lookout for the next Benji. 

In addition to searching sites like and, Forbes and Camp have set up a Facebook page where you can upload images of your very own pup, who must be a mutt, in hopes that he or she is the next star of Benji. Additionally, the two movie creators will head to shelters and rescues looking to see if they can find the perfect new star.

The original Benji was a dog named Higgins (pictured above) who was adopted by Frank Inn, an animal trainer, in the 1960s from Burbank Animal Shelter. When Higgins was 14 years old he started starring in Benji until the second pup came along, which was Higgins’ daughter. After her, Benji was a relative of the first two and the fourth Benji was adopted from the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

Brandom Camp has fond memories of the second Benji, with whom he travelled and did appearances, so the search is obviously very close to his heart. And though this new movie will come out some 40 years after the first, Camp is confident families around the nation will love the story of a scruffy pup just as much as they did the first time. Plus the script has a ringing endorsement from his father who now lives in Tennessee. Joe Camp said, “His script is fantastic and I have no doubt that he will discover and be directing the best ‘Benji’ ever.”

The challenge now, is finding the perfect doggie actor and Camp thinks he’ll know the right dog immediately. Once Forbes tests the dog’s temperament and gives the okay, the two will have found their pup.

So, could it be yours? Upload your dog to their Facebook Page and find out!

Sources: Info via The Seattle Times, Main image via

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