Summer Reading Suggestion: OOGY

August 1, 2012
Oogy book cover-OOGY The Pit Bull

If you’re looking for more summer reading, we have a suggestion for you and, of course, it’s dog related. The story is one of survival, determination and bouncing back from tragedy and it centers around Oogy the pit bull, who was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring as a puppy.

OOGY The Pit Bull

When the Levin family sadly headed to the Ardmore Animal Hospital to have their terminally ill cat put to sleep their lives changed forever. A pup with one ear missing and tons of scar tissue on his face ran up to them and they instantly fell in love with him. Poor Oogy would have died in a cage if he had not been rescued by the police and taken to the animal hospital where he was nursed back to health. Larry Levin and his two adopted sons decided to adopt another loveable member of the family (nyc dog walking).

oogy sitting up-OOGY The Pit Bull

Source: Oogy’s Facebook Page

The name “Oogy” is a loving derivation of the word “ugly,” though we don’t think Oogy is ugly at all.

The story is written by Larry Levin and explores the journey of Oogy and the love he’s brought to Levin’s whole family. On Oogy’s Facebook page, there’s a quote that can serve to summarize what humans can learn from dogs like Oogy.

It says, “What we’ve learned is you can’t avoid bad things happening, you can’t let them define who you are. You have to wait and see what’s going to come out at the other end.”

oogy on chair-OOGY The Pit Bull

Source: Oogy’s Facebook Page

While this story is full of sadness and faces the hard truth about what goes on in the terrible world of dog fighting, it can also serve to uplift you and help you appreciate how amazing dogs are in their ability to bounce back against all odds.

We definitely recommend checking this book out!

Sources: Hachette Book Group

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