5 Great Apps for Dogs (And Their Owners)

September 16, 2014

Apps For Dog Walkers: Hey, dog fans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for something interesting, informative and FUN. We all know how much us humans love our apps but did you know your dog can love them too? Here are the top 5 apps for dog walking on iOS and Android and we guarantee you’ll get a kick out of them too:

1. Tagg
Tagg is probably the coolest app ever! It’s even better than Candy Crush. Honestly! Tagg turns your dog’s collar into a GPS tracking device, allowing you to keep a watchful eye over your pooch 24/7. You can even make sure your dog stays where you need it to by setting boundaries that will send you an alert when crossed. This app even measures your dog’s daily movement to ensure they’re getting enough exercise. Now that’s impressive!

2. iSqueek
iSqueek is brilliant for energetic puppies who need mental stimulation and a whole lot of fun. Essentially iSqueek is a virtual squeaky toy that squeaks when your dog paws at the screen. Choose from different virtual squeaky toys in a variety of shapes and colors and let your puppy go mental. Just make sure you’ve got a screen protector or some kind of insurance, because this app can get some puppies pretty riled up (in the cutest way imaginable).

3. DoggyDatez
DoggyDatez is not a dating app for dogs! Just in case you were thinking that. It’s more of an awesome social network for dogs and their owners. It’s also a bit like Foursquare, in that you can “mark your territory” and see who else visits your spot. Search for neighborhood dogs by gender, breed, age and even search for dog owners of a specific age and gender. OK, so it’s kind of like Tinder for people who love dogs, but what’s wrong with that? We think it’s fantastic!

4. Pet Phone
Pet Phone is a brilliant app if you’ve got an elderly dog (or cat) or if you’re just kind of forgetful. It helps you track important appointments and information like your pet’s medication, weight, allergies, food and appointments at the vet. It syncs with your calendar and sends you reminders so you don’t have to worry about forgetting important info. After all, what’s more important than your dog’s health? Nothing, that’s right!

5. Pet First Aid
If you’re as paranoid over your dog’s health as I am, Pet First Aid is a great app to have handy in case of emergencies. It features tons of information about how to save your pet’s life in different situations. It also features lots of informative articles, videos and illustrations. It’s basically like carrying a first aid manual around in your pocket ( apps for dog walkers). Pure genius!
And while those apps are downloading, check out this incredibly cute and hilarious viral video of Violet the 3-month-old Italian Greyhoud puppy playing with iPad game Cat Fishing 2 (it’s meant for cats but it works just as well for young, energetic pups):

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