Meet Jimmy Choo and His Talented Owner

September 17, 2014

Hey, doggy fans! Here at NYC Pooch, we like to occasionally ponder over the many ups and downs that life hands us, and this week we’ve got a perfect example of that! Meet Jimmy Choo, the most photogenic Bull Terrier on the internet (in our opinion). Together with his very talented owner, he’s created a series of incredibly cute and creative photos that everyone just loves!

Dogs And Their Owners

After Jimmy’s owner got divorced, he was left with an empty house and his best friend Jimmy Choo at his side. They decide to make the most of the situation and created something beautiful in the process. So take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy what we think are the best photos you’ll see all week!
The Dog: Jimmy Choo, the Bull Terrier.
The Owner: Rafael Mantesso (artist)
Country: Brazil
The Story: When Rafael Mantesso and his wife got divorced, he was left with an empty house full of white walls and his beloved best friend Jimmy Choo. With a lot of time on their hands and a yearning to create something magical, Rafael and Jimmy combined amazing illustrations with handsome good looks and a fantastic talent for photography. The result was an Instagram account full of charming photos and (almost) viral fame. The rest is history (nyc dog walking).
Rafael admits that photographing Jimmy can get pretty messy, but he’s one obedient dog. Speaking of Bull Terriers, Rafael said “I think they are an amazing breed – behavior, personality, the love they demonstrate to their owner, and especially their aesthetics.”
In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Jimmy’s owner also commented on the bad reputation Bull Terriers have, saying “(Jimmy) is definitely my best friend and companion. I hate it when people turn away or cross the street for fear of him – people think bull terriers and pit bull dogs are murderers and bloodthirsty.” We couldn’t agree more!

Follow Rafael Mantesso on Instragram for more amazing illustrations and selfies with Jimmy Choo. Thanks for the incredible artwork, Rafael! We’re your new biggest fans.

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