The Importance of a Good Walk

September 18, 2014

Hey dog owners! Does your dog like long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain and most importantly, walks in general? Of course, they do! Taking your dog on regular walks is just about the nicest thing you can do for your four-legged friend and today we’re going to tell you why and give you some great walking tips. After all, this is Walking The Blog.

Good Walk

Walking your dog can be unfamiliar territory for some and just plain ol’ avoided territory for others. Whether you’re a first-timer or just need a few tricks to improve your regular best friend walks, we’re about to answer a few common question that will give you all the insight you need so that both you and your pooch enjoy your long walks on the beach, or in the park, or around the neighborhood:

Why Should I Walk My Dog?
There are 4 main reasons to walk your dog: mental stimulation, exercise, training and elimination. Exercise is a very important part of regular walks, but what’s maybe even more important is the mental stimulation your dog gets out of it. When your dog sniffs, socializes and engages with new, outdoor surroundings, it’s fulfilling a whole lot of canine needs. The key is to start enjoying the walks yourself. This way both you and your pooch gets the exercise and stimulation necessary.(dog walking services nyc)
How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Pulling?
There’s no question about it, constant pulling can be the most stressful part of walking your dog, and it’s a very common problem. Most dogs pull on their leashes before going for a walk is exciting and fun and provokes a lot of canine enthusiasm. The fastest way to cure this habit is to attend walk training with your pooch. If you can manage to get your dog moving, keep things at a quick pace. This will tire your dog out and keep them occupied with moving forward rather than sideways. An effective method of teaching your dog not to pull is using highly-desirable treats. Make sure they’re small enough bits so you can reward your dog frequently.
What Leash Should I Use?
When it comes to choosing a leash, it’s best advice is to choose the one that’s most comfortable to hold. Leash options prove to be the most comfortable for many people. It can also depend on how your dog behaves before, during and after your walks. If you’re dog likes to bite and tug at the leash, a chain leash is a great way to hinder the habit. If you walk your dog daily (and everyone should) a nylon leash will last longest when exposed to harsh weather conditions and the hands of time.
How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping on People?
You’ll meet a lot of new people on your walks and this may be overwhelming for your pooch. If you’re dog likes to jump on every stranger that passes, or even just few familiar faces, some training may be required to rectify it. You can use the “sit” commandment to teach your dog to sit before saying hello to people. This requires a lot of practice and rewards but the results are worth it. If your dog is aggressive towards passersby, you can move your walking time to a less busy hour. Avoid dust and dawn and take it from there.

So now that you’re all clued up on the why, what and how of walking your dog, here’s an interesting surprise! We know winter’s coming up and it can be particularly tough to walk your dog in the rain, cold and snow, so we’ve included an infographic all about how to walk your dog in the winter. You’re welcome! Thanks for reading 🙂

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