Why Your Dog is 100% Unique

September 15, 2014

Happy Monday, pooch lovers! Let’s put those Monday blues behind us and kick-start the week with some interesting doggy facts that are sure to put a smile on your dial. Think your dog is different from everyone else’s? Well, you’re right and we’re going to prove it with this cool infographic on what makes dogs different, doggy DNA and dog personalities. That’ll give you something interesting to talk about on your lunch break!

Unique Dogs

You’ve always known that Buster is a unique and wonderful soul, but when people comment on how he’s just like every other member of his breed, it makes you sad. It’s time to slap those critics with a big, fat helping of facts, because Buster IS different! In fact, every dog is different (dog walking services nyc). No matter what their breed, age, upbringing or who their parents are, every dog is an individual and that’s why we love them so much!

Thanks to the Animal Farm Foundation for this awesome infographic. Support their cause for the equal treatment of pit bulls and follow them on Facebook.

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