14 Humans Foods Your Dog Can Eat

July 31, 2012
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If you’re sick of the treats you buy your dogs at the pet store or are just looking for great food alternative to spruce up his or her diet, we’ve got you covered. While there are lots of human foods that are off-limits for Fido, there are also treats that we love and enjoy regularly that we can share. Oftentimes the same health-benefits from foods transfer over to our dogs and in the case of the 14 foods listed below, that couldn’t be more true. Of course, always consult a veterinarian before making any major diet changes, but the below are great to serve as treat alternatives to liven up your dogs culinary life.

What Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

If you avoid sugar-filled yogurts full of preservatives, this is a super healthy treat for Fido. It offers protein, riboflavin, zinc, potassium, probiotics and other vitamins.

Flax Seed
Your dog can eat flax seed in ground or oil form and soak up the omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber.

Peanut Butter
Most dogs go crazy for peanut butter and it’s safe for them to eat. Of course, it’s best to stick with all natural without extra sugars and such (dog walker service).

Your pooch will go crazy for some sweet and juicy watermelon. They can also eat other melons like honeydew and cantaloupe.

Salmon gives your dog protein and lots of omega-3 fatty acids which will help her stay healthy and amp up the sheen on her coat.

Pumpkin is a low-calorie treat that has tons of vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. It also helps settle a pooch’s upset stomach.

Sweet Potatoes
Cook, mash or dehydrate this snack for you dog and give him lots of vitamins, carotenoids and fiber.

Green Beans
If you’re dog needs a little help in the weight department or you just want a yummy and nutritious treat for her, green beans are great.

Eggs can be another source of protein for your pup which also contain riboflavin and selenium. Use cooked, whole egg and reward your dog with this awesome treat.

Dogs will love these delicious and healthy berries full of antioxidants and lots more. Limit their intake though. Too many berries can cause digestive issues, just like it does in humans.

This sweet fruit is a great treat to give your dog. With vitamins A and C, fibre and other nutrients, these are a healthy snack. Avoid letting your pup eat the core as the seeds contain cyanide and though a few may not cause harm, lots can.

You probably already know this but dogs love cheese and it’s okay for them to eat! Dogs can, however, be lactose intolerant, so make sure your pooch isn’t.

Great for digestive regularity, and fiber, oatmeal should be fed to your dog cooked and unflavored.

Give your dog these crunchy treats full of fiber, potassium and vitamins. They’re also good for your dog’s teeth and breath!

Sources: Info via Pawnation and Modern Dog Magazine, Main image via Pulse2.com

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