dog treats

  • Hey guys. Happy Tuesday! This week we’re getting creative in the kitchen and cooking up some tasty, healthy and best of all, easy to make dog treats. We’ve got 5 awesome recipes for you to try out and some great… » Read More

  • You shouldn’t be the only one enjoying holiday treats! What about your pooches? Of course, don’t go sharing what’s on your table but instead take some time and make your own dog-friendly treats for your beloved canine companion. We love… » Read More

  • As dog lovers, we’re always interested in new toys, treats and innovations that will make our lives easier and our dogs’ lives happier. Dog Milk recently reviewed a new treat that’s totally different from anything you’ve given your dog before…. » Read More

  • It’s truly fall here in New York City and we’re happy about it. Are you? Furry dogs alike are probably breathing a sigh of relief that the heat has subsided! With October here and that autumnal feeling in the air… » Read More

  • If you’re sick of the treats you buy your dogs at the pet store or are just looking for great food alternative to spruce up his or her diet, we’ve got you covered. While there are lots of human foods… » Read More

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