Two Bloodhounds Saved from Death to Star on Broadway

August 27, 2012

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because not too long ago we featured a tale about a dog named Sunny who was rescued in the nick of time from the euthanization list to star as Sandy in the new Broadway production of Annie. Like Sunny, two bloodhounds named Peter and Lilly, were incredibly close to being euthanized due to lack of space at a dog shelter. Also like Sunny, William Berloni of William Berloni’s Theatrical Animals, saw the bloodhounds’ pictures and wanted to save their lives.


Berloni called a woman named Shawn Leslie (below), a member of Ontario Bloodhound Rescue and brought the two hounds to her attention. According to Berloni these two might be perfect for A Christmas Story, and he thought they could audition to play the dogs that run into the kitchen and steal the Christmas turkey. The dogs Berloni looks for don’t need to be highly trained, they should just have a good disposition and be friendly. These two fit the bill.


With rehearsals starting in October, these two will be getting ready for their big part. After their run on Broadway is over, they will head to Berloni’s Connecticut farm where many showbiz animals live and stay before they find forever homes. Berloni doesn’t think it will take these two very long to find a great family.

Leslie, on the other hand is thrilled to have the attention drawn to bloodhounds, a breed she cares very much about, and shelter dogs in general. We agree!(dog walking services nyc)

Will you be seeing the production of A Christmas Story when it hits the stage?

Sources: Info via, images via the Novak

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