Dogs Beat The Heat With Canine Gelato

June 21, 2012


With this NYC heat wave bringing temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we humans dream of relief and, of course, ice cream. There’s just something about the cold treat on a hot day that’s not only relaxing and delicious, but eliminates some of the pain. Well, what if our dogs could share in the pleasure? Though some lucky pups eat human ice cream now and again, Italian dogs are living it up with new gelato made specifically for canines.
IceBau, the doggie gelato, was originally invented in 2005 by a teacher and it has been hitting the Italian market with great success. The dessert comes in vanilla, rice and yogurt flavors and all the harmful human ingredients have been removed for the dogs. It is gluten-free and is made with lactose-free milk, fructose and chicory root.

Now if only this delectable doggie snack was available here! The good news is New York City does¬†provide some options for dogs. The Shake Shack has the “Poochini” which is a dog biscuit with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. You can also track the Bocce Bakery’s Biscuit Bike which shows up around dog runs and parks in the city with all-natural treats in tow. While it’s not as high-class as gelato, perhaps the Italian IceBau will travel overseas and our American pooches will be able to enjoy.
What treats help your pup cool off in the heat?

Source: IceBau info via ABC News

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