Molly The Dog Plays Mom to a Bundle of Kittens

June 27, 2012
molly bulldog feeding kittens

We always love stories that illustrate how amazing dogs are and we’ve found another one! It starts with Kitty Kitty, a cat who gave birth to a litter of kittens before, sadly, being hit by a car. That left her four baby kittens without much-needed milk to help them grow. Fortunately, Molly, was there to take over.

Bundle of Kittens

Molly, an American Bulldog, gave birth to three puppies only one day before Kitty Kitty’s kittens were born and though she has her own mouths to feed, she has plenty of milk to give the kittens too. So, Molly has essentially adopted the kitties, allowing them to feed from her for five to 10 minutes as she lies down. Now the baby kittens are following her around as though she were their birth mother.(dog walking services nyc)

Elbert Bristow, the owner of this motley crew, told the Dothan Eagle, “I’ve had dogs all my life…I’ve trained bird dogs and coon dogs, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a dog take a litter of kittens.” He’s currently keeping the dogs and kittens separately and letting Molly go between the two.

Pretty amazing! Watch a video of the whole story courtesy of the Dothan Eagle:

Sources: Info via Dothan Eagle, main image via MAX ODEN / DOTHAN EAGLE

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