The Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever Costs $200K

June 28, 2012
Dog Wedding

Though most people probably don’t know what the most expensive animal wedding cost, nor do they know there is actually a Guinness World Record for it, this record about to be broken. According to the Huffington Post, Wendy Diamond, animal rescue advocate, recently adopted a Coton De Tulear named Baby Hope, who is about to be wed. In a $200,000 ceremony.(dog walking services nyc)

Dog Wedding

Diamond will blow the old Guinness record of $32,000 out of the water with extravagant details like a wedding dress from Kleinfeld. The only thing that isn’t planned is the groom. In fact, there is a Facebook competition going on right now to determine who the groom will be! He will be chosen on July 2nd.

Dog Wedding

Though a $200K dog wedding sounds absolutely absurd, everything Diamond needed for the event was actually donated by vendors and the wedding is ultimately a benefit for The Humane Society and the fight against canine cancer. Through ticket sales and donations, she hopes this lavish event will generate $50,000. The wedding and of course, Baby Hope, are especially close to Diamond’s heart as both are a celebration of the life of her beloved Lucky, whom she recently lost to cancer.

We hope this event raises lots of money and that Baby Hope is happy with her future dog husband.

Source: Info via Huffington Post, Images courtesy of

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