Zander the Husky Mix Traveled Two Miles to Hospital to Find Owner

October 9, 2012

Zander, a 70-pound Samoyed-husky mix is not only an escape artist, but an amazing sniffer dog! He was able to somehow find his owner, who was at the hospital, though Zander had never been there before.

According to, John Dolan ended up in Good Samaritan Medical Center in Islip, NY. Dolan’s wife, Priscilla, was at home with Zander and noted that the dog was moping around the house acting really depressed about Dolan’s absence. Dolan told, “He was moping around for the days I was already at the hospital, sitting in my seat and rolled up and depressed. My wife said he had water in his eyes and looked like he was really sad.”

Zander apparently took matters into his own hands and escaped from the Dolan household, unbeknownst to Priscilla. He was found outside the hospital by an employee who then read his tags and called the number listed. The employee was connected to Dolan, who was staying at the very hospital. Somehow Zander had tracked him, two miles from home without Priscilla even aware that he was gone. Amazingly, he had never been to the hospital and though Zander had escaped in the past, this time, there was clearly a purpose.

Watch the video here:

Now both Zander and Dolan are home safe and sound. Hopefully this pup won’t try any more great escapes!

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