Lost Boy Found by Mama Dog Searching for Puppies

October 22, 2012
Mama Dog

On Tuesday, in Alabama, a boy with Down syndrome named Kyle Camp, went missing and though his family searched for him for hours, they couldn’t locate him. His family called the police who got over 150 volunteers involved. Even a helicopter was deployed to search for him from the air but he was actually found with the help of a dog and her puppies.(dog walking services nyc)

Mama Dog

After searching through the night into the wee hours of the morning and picking back up again first thing, a volunteer, Jamie Swinney, heard barking from a dog in the woods. He followed the barking, which led him by a creek and called out for Kyle and the dog.

It turned out that a mother dog was searching for her puppies and found them. They were surrounding Kyle and had been with him all night long. Volunteers think that the puppies kept Kyle warm during the cold night while he lay wet, in a creek.

Amazingly, Kyle was unharmed but, of course, frightened. He was carried out of the woods by a volunteer and returned to his overjoyed mother.

The community that helped find Kyle is thrilled with his return and they know they have the dogs to thank for that.


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Source: NBCNews, Mother Nature Network

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