Friday Fun: Five Merry Dog Videos

October 19, 2012

Happy Friday! It’s dreary here in NYC, but still nice because here comes the weekend! Stay upbeat by watching these five hilarious and adorable dog videos that we’ve compiled. See two dogs that know just how to scratch that itch and look funny doing it. Watch a very guilty pooch who chewed up the bed. Reminisce over nicer weather with pups playing in the pool…in slow motion. And finally, watch a dog help his buddy escape a fence. Enjoy!(dog walking services nyc)

Merry Dog Videos

1. This funny dog scratches himself with the china cabinet, then gets mad he’s being watched.

2. Dog chews bed. Owners catch dog. Dog hides in shower with guilt.

3. I guess we have a thing for itchy dogs today. This guy looks like he’s dancing.

4.This video is just pretty cool: dogs playing the pool in slow motion!

5. Here’s a little heartwarming friendship for you. A puppy escapes a fence with help from his buddy dog.

Have a great weekend!

Main image via The Meta Picture

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