A True ‘Smear Campaign’ for Obama and Romney

October 18, 2012

obama romney dog poop bags for a smear campaign

Election news is front and center in this critical campaign time. Ads are running, the candidates are working hard and brands are jumping on board the campaign trail to try and sell their products. While Obama and Romney may have produced smear campaigns for each other, Metro Paws LLC has helped them both out with an even better smear campaign: doggy poop bags with their faces on each.

According to Ohmidog!, their pitch goes as follows:

“Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, we can all agree that politics these days are a big stinkin’ mess. Smear Campaign poop bags give you the chance to let out a little political frustration every time you pick up after your pup.”

Obama Romney dog poop bags

Pretty creative, if you ask us! Perhaps this is how we can tell who will win the election. A local, Brooklyn Patch.com reports that according to Fort Greene store owner, Julia Rosenfeld, the candidate who sells more will most definitely lose. Right now, in her store, she’s almost out of Romney poop bags — you be the judge!

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Source: Info and images via Ohmidog! and Patch.com

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