Yawning is Contagious for Adult Dogs

October 29, 2012

yawning is contagious in dogs

It’s a well-known fact that if you see someone yawn, you’re likely to do the same. Interestingly, in a recent study, it was found that dogs are susceptible to yawn-contagion but not as puppies. They seem to grow into this behavior, similar to humans who will yawn when others do, starting around age four.

In 2008, a study revealed that 72 percent of dogs yawned after watching their owners yawn, but a similar study performed later couldn’t replicate the results.

This year, however, researchers from Lund University did a series of experiments and found that the majority of dogs did yawn if they were over the age of 7 months, which supported the 2008 study. Interestingly it was also discovered that even the sound could trigger a doggy yawn. It’s even possible that an owner’s yawn, may be more likely to compel a pooch to do the same, than a stranger’s.

Though the reason for this contagion is still somewhat unclear, “catching a yawn” is thought to indicate empathy. So, it seems that even dogs may be capable of such feelings!

Pretty interesting! Read more about how the experiment was done on Mother Nature Network.

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Source: Mother Nature Network


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