Read Uggie’s Biography: ‘Uggie The Artist: My Story’

October 31, 2012
uggie the dog

Looking for a good read? You’re in luck! Remember Uggie, the famous pooch who starred in The Artist? Well not only was he the first dog who got his prints forever memorialized at the Hollywood walk of fame, but now he’s an author. Sort of. (nyc dog walking)

Uggie The Dog

If you were taken by Uggie’s cuteness in his movie roles, you might be interested to read his biography, which was really written by British author Wendy Holden. The story covers Uggie’s life as he starred in commercials, films and, of course, the Oscar-winning The Artist. Uggie is 10 years old so he has a lot to tell and Holden said, “He was ready to talk.”
This pooch has accomplished a lot in his later years including a Palm Dog award at Cannes and a Golden Collar award in Los Angeles and now, he’s retired but spends some of his time doing charity work.
As an added touch of humor, readers will notice a sappy dedication to Reese Witherspoon whom Uggie worked with on Water for Elephants. Apparently she left a mark!
Are you interested in readying his story? Snag the book here!

Source: RT.Com

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