Geo the Dog Saves 10-Year-Old from Oncoming Car

November 26, 2012

A 10-year-old boy is alive and well thanks to his dog. Geo, a seven-month-old German Shepherd-Collie mix, somehow knew the boy was in danger and saved his life.

Carly Riley and her three sons, Charlie, Josh and Ben, were out for a walk with Geo and were waiting on a street corner when a driver sped over the curb, out of control, right toward Charlie.

Geo moved quickly and pushed Charlie out of the way, taking the impact himself. The crazy driver even ran over Geo a second time as he pulled away. As a result this brave pooch had a broken spine, broken leg and internal injuries. Luckily, he will make a full recovery.

The family is now working to pay Geo’s $16,000 vet bills. Carly told the Sun, “we want him fixed no matter what it costs. He’s family.”

Follow Geo’s recovery process on his Facebook page titled Geo the Hero! Right now it looks like he’s home and doing well.

If you want to donate and help the family pay these bills, you can do so here and make donations out to

We’re thankful for doggy heroes like Geo!

Image via Geo the Hero Facebook Page

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