Dog Needs Out? Just Ring the Doorbell!

December 7, 2012
dog doorbell

Every pooch has his or her own signal for wanting to go out. Some sit by the door, some pace back and forth, some stare at you and whine. Well, now your dog can simply ring a doorbell to indicate he or she needs a bathroom break.

¬†Keith Jin noticed that his dog was scratching the door when he wanted to be let back inside and realized it would be great if Pebbles, his pup, could just ring a doorbell. That’s what began the creation of the Pebble Smart doorbell, which can be installed both inside and out (dog walker service).

Dog Rings Doorbell

The doorbell sticks to the wall with mounting tape and there’s a place to put a treat too, to get your dog interested. The kit comes with a set for inside and out and smaller ringers that can go around the house so you can hear your dog from anywhere.

We think this is awesome! Jin is in pre-launch stage with his product and you can actually help fund production and pre-order your own on Indiegogo.

What do you think? Would you use this?


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