Billy the Chihuahua Rescued From Puppy Mill

December 6, 2012
puppy mill chihuahua rescued

Puppy Mill Chihuahua Rescued From Puppy Mill : Many people work daily to fight horrific things like puppy mills and we appreciate their work! It’s particularly heartwarming to see a personal story of a dog rescued from terrible puppy mill conditions and brought to a new life – one of safety and love. That’s why Billy and Adam’s story is so touching!

Puppy Mill Chihuahua Rescued From Puppy Mill

When Adam, a member of the Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Team, raided a puppy mill, he and his team found hundreds of dogs in unlivable conditions, but one pup touched his heart. He came across a little Chihuahua whose cage was rusted shut. He had been fed through the bars and never taken out.

Despite this, when Adam picked him up, he snuggled with him and showed him love. Amazingly after so much time locked up, he still just wanted human affection (dog walker).

Adam decided that he felt personally responsible for this little guy and he took him home. Now, this Chihuahua has a name, Billy, and an amazing life. We so appreciate Adam’s work and that of others like him.

You must watch this story!

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