The 6 Twitter Accounts Your NYC Pooch Should Be Chasing

April 27, 2016

No matter who you are: if you’re in the city, you’re on the go! And that means we’re constantly finding balance between work, passion, and personal time. I know there are a lot of people out there who love being involved with animal-work–whether on their own time or through a volunteer service! Every little thing helps. With everything that’s going on, keeping up to date with the Concrete Jungle’s animals can be an extra challenge (dog walking New York) . So, whether you’re a dog owner, an animal enthusiast, a volunteer, or just someone who like to stay informed: here are 6 Twitter accounts you should be following!

Dog Twitter Accounts

The Mayor’s Alliance (@MayorsAlliance)
This is your one-stop-shop for New York City pets! The Alliance does one heck of a job bringing resources to pet owners in the boroughs, and is always offering information and opportunities. To stay up to date on New York’s animal news, events, fundraisers, and resources, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals should be at the top of the list!

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (@BadassBK)
Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is making some waves in New York! Founded in 2011, the rescue is a nonprofit that has helped over 1,300 dogs. But this Twitter account is more than just their establishment: they keep you updated on volunteer work, adopt-a-thons, and so much more! If you’re looking to get involved, @BadassBK is a great way to stay connected.

Animal Care Clinics of New York City (@NYCACC)
One of the largest animal nonprofits in the country, Animal Care Clinics of New York City isn’t afraid to put its paws into the lives of animals in need. They pride themselves in never turning away an animal in need, and their Twitter keeps you updated with their efforts, and their valuable services! They offer clinic care, adoption, lost and found, and other services!

American Kennel Club (@AKCdoglovers)
Even if your pup isn’t a pure-bred, a great resource is the American Kennel Club! They offer a huge amount of resources that touch on everything-dog. Breed info, health resources, and spotlights are only some of the information the AKC’s Twitter account posts!

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue (@saveapetny)
If you live on Long Island, so does Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue! Like the other rescues, it’s a nonprofit that works with animals and humans alike with adoptions, fostering, and clinical check up. Their Twitter account retweets from a lot of different sources, creating an informative feed for you.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (@ASPCA)
And of course: every animal-lover’s dog twitter accounts should be connecting with the ASPCA. This is only one account they run, covering general animal care and help. If you dig deeper, you’ll find accounts like the ASPCA APCC (@aspca_apcc) which deals with Animal Poison Control. Or the ASPCA Pro (@aspcapro), which offers wonderful tips and connections to people who professionally work with animals!

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