Talk the Walk: A Day In The Life

April 29, 2016
being a dog walker

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to step into the comfortable, slightly worn shoes of a dog walker? Here’s a glimpse at the day-to-day things!

Being A Dog Walker

Cannot Take Photo

To a Regular Joe, the message your phone gives you if your storage is full is a mild annoyance. Maybe you have an overflow of unread emails, a whole camera file dedicated to your selfies, or your text messages have gotten a little out of hand. No problem! Just a quick purge, and you’re ready to take more selfies.

But for a dog walker… that prompt to free up space is a panic attack waiting to happen! You’ve already deleted all the junk mail, unheard voicemails, a few contacts, and your Tetris app, even though you were in the middle of beating your best score. Because, clearly, you cannot sacrifice one pic of any of the adorable dogs you walk! That’s just out of the question. Not even an option! Don’t suggest it!!


The Number 2

Two is better than one, right? And being second in line is pretty sweet! The number two is something you use every day!

being a dog walker

But for a dog walker… it’s the best thing that can happen every half hour. Sometimes more than once!! You know the signs, and get your bag ready, all the while cheering that dog on! Who’s a good boy??



Mmm! Nothing like taking that lunch break and opening up the back room’s fridge. That sandwich and yogurt you packed has been on your mind since 10am!
Or maybe you and the others need to get out of the office. There’s that cute bistro down the street that has a little of everything: even though you always get the salad…

But for a dog walker… the streets are your oyster! You haven’t been to the grocery store in two weeks and you burn more calories than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Your lunch is whatever you walk by and can grab. Maybe it’s a hop into Starbucks for a pick-me-up. Or it’s that one Food Cart Guy who knows exactly what time you walk by, and he always has your order ready.

being a dog walker
The Concierge

The All Mighty God of Customer Service! He has memorized the names of everyone in your family, including your in-laws who only visit once a year. He sorts your mail, calls you a cab, keeps the riff-raff out, all the while with a smile! He’s your go-to man if you need anything.

being a dog walker

But for a dog walker…  He’s amazing! You love him, too. He makes your job a breeze by anticipating your arrival. He gives a heads up if the cleaning lady is upstairs so you’re not surprised! You have inside jokes and know where he is going on vacation! And yes, you’ve totally high-fived him.


Drinks After Work

After a long day, why not invite your co-workers out for a quick one? Everyone can benefit from strengthening those inner-office relations. Maybe you’ll buy a round and tell your famous fishing story…again.


But for a dog walker it’s just an excuse to gush about your dogs and show off the millions of dog pictures you refuse to delete off your phone.

*Concierge picture was taken by Sandra Druschke under this Creative Commons. It was resized. 

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